Wound Care

Non-healing wounds need special attention by a professional to avoid getting infected. Bacteria such as staphylococcus can enter the wound, leading to serious health complications such as bacteremia, sepsis, and septic shock.

While some wounds heal quickly on their own, some require specialized care. Chronic wounds (wounds that do not heal on their own) require care to prevent infection, maintain comfort, and help patients ease into their everyday lives. At NEPA Podiatry, our wound specialists assess, treat, and care for wounds to help you recover and lead a healthy life.

Types of Wound Care

How Can We Help?

At NEPA Podiatry, we provide exceptional wound care services for diabetic wounds, venomous wounds, traumatic wounds, and cancer wounds. Our treatment options provide relief, reduce pain and discomfort, and promote healing. What's more, we educate you on ways to care for your wound through cleaning, hygiene, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

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Wound Care


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