Joint Replacement

Joints hold various parts of our skeletal structure together. They also support movements such as walking, running, sitting, and standing. However, these joints may fail due to old age, injury, or illnesses. Joint replacement removes the existing natural joint and replaces it with prosthetics. After the surgery, the body heals, and you can resume your everyday life. Most prosthetics are made of plastics, metal, and ceramics.

Total joint replacement (an arthroplasty) is an excellent solution for patients struggling with pain and limited mobility. If you are dealing with stiffness, pain, and restricted movement in the joints after trying other non-surgical treatments, consult an orthopedic surgeon at NEPA Podiatry.

How Can We Help?

At NEPA Podiatry, our trained and experienced staff use the best equipment in the market to keep the surgery as minimally invasive and as accurate as possible. We perform joint replacement surgery to help you relieve pain and regain mobility.

Contact us for a consultation to discuss surgery as a treatment option for your ailing joints.

Joint Replacement


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